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We dare you to work for 3 1/2 hours with the audio from this video playing at full volume!!!

Then you will have a small idea of what Jacory Harris and Miami offense will be facing in the redzone on Saturday at the Horseshoe.

UM head coach Randy Shannon has been blaring the crowd noise over six loud speakers during all 11-on-11 work this week. It’s deafening and causes nasty headaches, but it is also a pretty good simulation of what the Canes will face at Ohio Stadium this weekend.

The actual audio file being blared this week is from the 2000 game against Florida State, which was a 27-24 win at the Orange Bowl (kudos to our fans for being annoying).  During preparation for ACC games, the Miami video staff pumps in crowd noise and the fight song from the actual road venues.

Ohhh… and get back to us and let us know how successful you are at getting work done with the crowd noise blaring in your office.

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